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Certified Translators in Singapore

Verztec Consulting is one of the topmost translation agencies island wide, and is thus a reliable choice if you’re seeking certified translators to convert your important documents to different languages. Our experts use a number of techniques to banish fraudulent possibilities and follow all standards required to ensure legal usability and document accuracy. In addition, we follow a strict quality process for all our services and are particular about doing repeated checks during the complete process. This eliminates any possibility of mistakes happening, especially in certified documents, which are extremely important for all individuals. We have efficient experts on hand, who check for the tiniest of punctuation errors, and deliver a flawlessly-rendered and completely error-free document. You can also count on us to follow the prescribed time limit and get excellent-quality service at budget-friendly prices. Once we have certified your relevant documents, you can present them at various institutions, government bodies, embassies, universities, courts and other authorities for easy acceptance. Count on us to deliver quality services for all your translation needs in Singapore.


Documents that require certified translations include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Education certificates/transcripts
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Court orders
  • Medical reports
  • Insurance claims
  • Bank statements
  • Affidavits
  • Immigration papers
  • Passports
  • Real estate deeds
  • Other documents that need certification for official use


Certified Translation Company

Do you need to apply for a work pass, student pass or permanent residency in Singapore? If that is the case, you can trust Verztec Consulting to deliver swift and reliable translation services which are fully certified, to meet all your requirements. We use only detailed techniques, guidelines and standards to make sure that all certified translations are completely valid. This is precisely why our professionals guarantee accuracy for all services, which in turn is necessary to prevent fraud and forgery from occurring. Our translation is exact, as it comes directly from the source, without the addition or omission of any details, thus making your document legible and acceptable by various government authorities and courts. Kindly note that even though our translated documents are accepted by major legal authorities, it is advisable to check on the requirements with the accepting authorities before commissioning work to us.