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Document Translation Services

Verztec provides a variety of translation services for documents of all kinds, such as business related documents and personal translations. Everything from birth certificates, degrees, invoices, letters, handbooks and books can be translated efficiently, and regardless of whether the document is tangible, such as in letters and manuals, or is recorded in different forms of media like audio/video recordings or websites; you can count on us to deliver quality work. We are equipped with the skills and expertise to translate an all-encompassing range of documents into diverse languages from across the globe.

Rest assured that our services will not be lacking in quality, as our professional translators work to convert documents into their mother tongue. This is done to ensure that the specific nuances, tone and shades of a language are not lost in the process of conversion. Since idioms, cultural nuances and metaphors are essential to get the message across effectively to the target audience; our translators are well-equipped to see to all these aspects. By choosing us for your document transfer needs, you get access to secure and confidential translations in over 100 languages, as well as a preserved document layout.


Why should you choose us for document transfer services?

  • We support translations to more than 100 languages
  • We preserve the layout of your original document

Rest assured that the contents of your document will remain secure and confidential