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Language Translation Services in Singapore

Partnering with professionals makes a world of difference to the impact your company makes on the global audience. Over a period of time, Verztec has carved a niche for itself in the arena of language translation services, by delivering top-quality work that is carefully crafted in accordance with every client’s requirements. Our commitment to precise and expressive translation leads us to create impeccable as well as culturally-relevant work for our clients from different walks of life in Singapore. What’s more, we deliver swift services, which render us capable of handling work pressure and focusing on excellence at the same time.

Count on us to provide your organisation with efficient translation services for documents of all types, such as legal documents, marketing documents, official & financial documents, medical documents and technical documents. If you would like to get your personal documents translated, we also offer services for carrying out the same – for everything from passports and birth certificates to academic degrees. Our focus on partnership and complete dedication to all clients makes us stand out from the others, and our up-to-date technology assures timely service for all your needs. Benefit from translation-cost savings and decreased production times today.

Language Interpretation Services

We offer a range of translation services to various clients from different industries – with our all-encompassing team of experts. Our interpreters come with the relevant skills, qualifications and experience to meet all your requirements and even exceed them. Interpreting services are getting more and more significant with each passing day, as they help in boosting business by a big margin. Our language translation services in Singapore can be categorised into two different types, which are – Simultaneous Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation. The former is designed for real-time conferences where a variety of languages are bound to be spoken. The interpreter interprets everything that the speaker says which is transmitted to the concerned delegate through headsets. The latter is created for small conferences and presentations, where professional linguists start their translation after the speech is over. Other services include ad-hoc interpretation services, telephone interpreting and whispered interpreting.